This is the site of the artist and teacher Laurance Worrall (known as Lol), who teaches water-based oil classes to both adults and children, including people with disabilities, in the Greater Manchester area. Lol’s unique teaching style, his engaging and straightforward manner allows even complete beginners to create beautiful paintings from the very first time they pick up a paintbrush. If you don’t want to wait months or even years before you can paint a gorgeous picture that is good enough to hang on your living room wall, Lol is the teacher for you!

On this website you can find out more about Lol and his classes, read testimonials from his students, and contact him with your enquiries.



“If you ever wished for some magic to make you paint beautiful pictures, Lol is that magician! Even complete beginners create most gorgeous paintings in his classes – I couldn’t believe what I produced in my first class, and a string of friends and relatives I’ve brought along were also astonished at their results. Lol instructs his students in a simple, straightforward, clear and humorous way, and the whole experience is a joy. To add to this, you have absolutely no setting up, cleaning or tidying up to do, and you are even provided with an apron, and plied with unlimited cups of tea by lovely Jean. Highly, highly, highly recommended.” (Masha)


Lol is a magician

“My daughter has been twice to Lol’s art group and her paintings are fantastic. She thoroughly enjoys going and you can see this in the work she brings home. So proud of her, at the age of 9 she is an amazing artist and this is all thanks to Lol. If you have a child who enjoys drawing/painting, I would definitely recommend them to visit Lol and one of his sessions!” (Joanne)

My daughter’s paintings are fantastic